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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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freeway shootings, an east bay city takes action. the first cameras went up yesterday whoosh an execution style murder in a hayward. tonight details on the arrest of a suspect. after an intensive manhunt. right now alameda county sheriff's are in my backyard. whoosh horrible. horrible. i'm a little bit shocked k=k=k hate fliers show up in the neighborhood once home to san francisco's summer of love. whoosh east bay gang members gain access to a whole armory of weapons in this crash and grab robbery of a gun store. the vehicle. traced to oakland today. you're watching kron four news in prime time. now at 8. surveillance cameras are now up along highway- four in pittsburg. a hot spot for violence in recent months. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson.
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the public wanted them -- police wanted them -- and, now the city has them. only on four tonight. kron four's philippe djegal is live along highway- four. where police showed us where the new cameras have been installed. philippe. >> reporter:the city is installing the cameras in phases. the first phase -- setting them up here along the concord and antioch borders. so, police can see anyone driving in and out of pittsburg. tucked below this sign above highway four. a new batch of cameras keeping an eye on this part of the city never monitored with video until now. sot- "in six weeks, we have not only talked about putting cameras, but we are installing cameras." six weeks ago, pittsburg police captain ron raman says his chief approached the city council. asking for funds to purchase and install cameras along the troubled highway. the council unanimously approved. this after the may murder of shanique marie. who was shot to death while passing through pittsburg. motorists. sot- "it's outrageous." on edge ever since. sot- "this, we hope will be a
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deterant for one, for anyone to commit crimes in the city of pittsburg or anywhere within our region. if, if there is a crime that has occured, we'll be able to look back at those cameras as a resource and investigative tool, who was on the freeway and possibly id the suspect." >> reporter:14 cameras are going up along the freeway. and, captain raman says they should all be operational by monday. this in addition to the more than 120 surveillance cameras already set-up at various parks and intersections. >>:nats- "i can pull up any camera, once its up." >> reporter:and, just like those cameras, any officer can monitor the video feeds in real-time on their smart phones. >>:sot- "it'll make it better for everybody, just having that peace of mind coming to work, going back home, so that's wonderful -- i'm glad that's happening." >> reporter:once the first batch of cameras are up and running. police and the city will work with bart and caltrans on where to put the next group of cameras. live in pittsburg, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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thank you philippe. >> pam:and you can stay connected on developments in this story online. we have posted stories about the shootings and the efforts to curb the violence. it's all on kron-4 dot com >> steve:a man is in custody tonight. charged with killing another man at a stoplight in hayward. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from the scene. alecia, did it take authorities long to find the shooter? >>alecia:good evening steve, it didn't take authorities long at all. they got to the scene within minutes. between surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts, they knew exactly who they were looking for. pkg >>:sot - it's not normal for people to be ambushed like this or murdered while in traffic >>alecia:the victim was sitting at the stop light waiting to turn left on blossom from meekland, when alameda county sheriffs say the suspect walked
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up to the driver side window and fired multiple shots, killing the driver instantly. >>:sot - it's pretty scary sot - we're trying to figure out if this was road rage or another encounter that led to gun violence >>alecia:witnesses saw at least half dozen evidence markers from shell casings. richard horst/ neighbor sot - i seen 5 on the passenger side and at least 1 on the driver side neighbors say gun violence and homicides are rare in this community. the driver of the car that was in traffic directly behind the red pickup truck saw the entire thing unfold. the shooter took off on foot, running along the railroad tracks. a search ensued spreading to back yards and streets nearby. he was caught about half mile away. sot - this is a good neighborhood so im shocked to see this happen joyce sua / lives nearby sot - ive lived on this side for 13 years and ive never heard of anything like this so it's pretty horrific. standup >>alecia:they're now trying to locate the weapon, and find the
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correlation between the victim and the person being charged with his murder. reporting live in hayward. >> steve:tonight. fliers promoting the ku klux klan. have been reportedly spotted in several locations in san francisco. here's a photo of the sign that was posted on the news blog hoodline. kron 4's justine waldman is here now with this story. and the response it is getting tonight. >> reporter:as it was said today. hate spotted in the haight. as in haight-asbury neighborhood of san francisco. we don't know who posted the signs. but we do know. people are not happy to see them. in the haight. a section of the city know for peace and love. the kkk signs. accuse the "black lives matter" movement of telling its followers to kill white people and police officers. and calls on whites to join the kkk before it's too late. the signs have been found in several doorways in the haight. >> reporter:the phone number on the flier goes to a voicemail
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praising segregation. people who heard about the signs are disturbed. >>:"that is prob getting taken down as fast as it is going up. audience here.rise above it." >> reporter:late this afternoon someone posted this response to the kkk on a light pole. the sign reads "nobody wants to join your pathetic hate group so you can keep your bedsheets and racism to yourself." san francisco police say distributing the kkk flier is not a crime, because it's considered free speech. >> steve:tonight at eight: we're learning new details about the dramatic wine country crime spree that we reported on last night. >> pam:grant lodes is here with new information on the suspects. and a more detailed account of what exactly happened. >> grant:the two guys police say are responsible for this while
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thing will appear in court tomorrow in santa rosa. investigators say they robbed an armored truck outside a chase bank in windsor. this was the lakewood shopping center. the sonoma country sheirff's office says the pair rolled up in a blue suburban.right behind the armored out wearing masks.shot a guard with a rifle of some sort.then took off with cash from the truck. from there.investigators say the crooks drove east through wine country. a calistoga officer spotted the suv in that city. investigators say one suspect.24-year-old serge gutsu got out.started shooting at the officer.that officer rammed the suspect.injuring him. as this is happening.the sheriff's department says the other suspect.23-year old ivan morales.ran.and hid in some nearby bushes. he was found and surrendered
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about 7:00 last night. at that point the shelter in place was lifted. the suspects are being held without bail on suspicion of attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy. the guard who was shot remained conscious.and is still hospitalized.his exact condition is not known. we'll keep you posted on developments. >> pam:police are still searching for a man who stole jewelry from a store last month in concord. concord p-d says the incident happened on july 22 at the fast- six jewelry watch repairs store at the sun valley mall. the suspect fled away from the store with a ring priced at three-thousand-dollars! police say the man went in-and- out of the store at least three times before snatching the ring. they also say this is the first snatch and grab jewelry theft reported at the sun valley mall this year. the city of san francisco could be paying a hefty price... to a person who was allegedly hit by a drunk firefighter who was driving a fire truck. >> pam:jack frazier filed a
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lawsuit after the accident left him suffering major injuries. he had been on a motorcycle when he was struck the night of june 29th, 2013.. at the intersection of fifth and howard. police arrested firefighter michael quinn... who also allegedly left the scene after the accident. as of march 2014...quinn was indicted on three felony counts. the city's attorney's office has proposed to pay nearly a $5- million-dollar settlement. >> reporter: as you like. we have our choices cool weather along the coast temperatures hundred degrees as it had ordered the delhi high other developing not bay area and spots in lined up toward the coast line some cool fog developing along the beaches right now clogs trying to form
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ala coast at this hour you concede hayes beginning to make its way over england. itc overnight tonight it's strong enough to keep it on the surface a thick fog along the coastline and said the bay and at temperatures mid-60s and francisco 80 in san jose 83 in livermore 88 if you believe that in concord he 83 in santa rosa this evening temperatures was to cool down a bit fog will creep just said the bid by 10:00. more on that overwrites night and early tomorrow morning it will strengthen just a little bit more of the next couple days and it will be enough to keep cricket temperatures up as your head toward one and three: attendees there plenty of sunshine and in the afternoon symptoms in contrast to see cool weather in the '60s. pick and choose whether. >> reporter: the to be much cooler and inland's with the
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rest of weather coming up a bit. >> pam: >> steve: testing different types of cameras and developing a policy for how they will be used. camers are officialy on the street. kron 4's charles clifford was in san jose this afternoon. he shows us the new cameras and he officers and the public. nats police department calls bodythe cameras, which are small and using magnets. officers simply double tap the camera to turn itsot
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disputes between officers and the public. >>:sot we are going to have an environment where when individuals have contact with the police and their perception of what occurs is different than what the officers perception is we are going to know what actually is the truth, or as best we can. >> reporter:following the training class, each officer was issued a camera and they are now in use on the streets of san jose. the department says that just like with any new piece of equipment it may take time to work out all the bugs. sot we expect that there will be a learning curve and we also expect that with time officers will turn the camera on and activate it when they should. if there is any initial error just through training and new equipment that will taper off. the police department and the city of san jose have also developed a lengthy policy that describes how the cameras will be used. such as when officers should turn them off and on and who has access to the recorded videos. if you want to read the policy, go to and look for a link in the newslinks section. in san jose, charles c lifford kron 4 news. >> pam:ahead at eight. the plan to make your commute a little less frustrating.
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plus. taking out the trash and hiking up the price where you can expect to see a price jump to collect your garbage. and next. two smash and grabs at gun stores. nearly two dozen firearms now on the street. as police try to track down the bold thieves we are back in 90 seconds
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>> steve:a bold smash and grab at a gun store near sacramento. the suspects plow through the front and then jump out and hit the store. the car you see barreling into the business. found right here in the bay area. now federal investigators are focusing on oakland. after finding that s-u-v. and as kron 4's dan kerman tells us there are questions about whether the suspects involved are responsible for more crimes. in the east bay... homeowners and real estate agents are on alert....following a breakin at a home that was up for sale. >> reporter: your local farmers explosives fanned out began search for the suspects and
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weapons that were stolen authorities confirmed there or less and the way won't say how many. investigators could be seen gathering evidence from the honda and just chemistry atf agents could be seen entering a home hours later heavily armed officers are seen traveling down the same area presumably to conduct a search authorities have not said if they found any of the weapons. this live nearby are hopeful authorities were able to find some weapons. in rockland and fulsome latest and the series a gunshot car break- ins.
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>> pam:a clayton home that was recently we hope that happens one unique feature is that some signs will let you know when you have passed and tell you what you should go back and get a feeling. . >> steve:: for structured taking place this week we havilah look at san mateo bridge in the last 41 west palm lane at the bridge closed as crews begin a second night of decker hair a second
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westbound lane will close at 10:00 and it will run up by 5:00 a.m. second of closures for this emergency work crews need to repair a whole and the deck be considerate they're supposed to finish over the weekend. >> pam:communities affected by this decision are knightsen, discovery bay, bethel island and >> reporter: we're going to get caught in parts of the bay area some places it cressy one heat wave. the conceit of fog
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developing and showing in the sea breeze began and a beautiful summer evening for impressive read above the average of 71 and very comfortable severance cisco 80 oakland 89 degrees in san jose and then an anti livermore 97 degrees and conquered it 96 degrees and seven rows up. with that in mind of pettifog along a coast overnight and then tomorrow morning waking up to some fog will belong to the short curly then beginning to break up into the morning hours answering a clear on help. that means they will be many spots with the coastline very comfortable outside mid-60's but 66 in daly city 65 am pacific up. as he had further south numbers in the mid
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'80s and redwood city study bills of eight numbers in the '80s and '90s start a pop-up then heading further east it will be very hot and spots. getting close to hundred in livermore. maybe some triple digits and antioch brentwood and 86 degrees and martinez 94 and union city. in the north bay patchy fog early not '80s and '90s by the afternoon well inland temperatures soaring in the '90s in many spots maybe even triple digits and central valley.
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and just days away from the g=o=p convention, the republican frontrunner is in a statistical tie with hillary clinton in the key swing states of ohio, pennsylvania and florida. the poll found three out of four people fed up with politics as usual in washington. vicki liviakis shows us why trump's vice presidential search is breakign the mold. >> vicki:breakfast with indiana governor mike pence. alabama senator jeff sessions swooping in for a private meeting senator! phone calls to chris christie. talks with newt gingrich. trump is bringing reality t=v to the presidential campaign. it's a little bit like the apprentice. you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is reportedly trump will choose one of these four within a day or so,
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i'm narrowing it down. i mean i'm at three, potentially four. but in my own mind i am probably thinking about two. sources say those two are christie. trump's personal choice. and pence, favored by trump's children. nat hillary clinton blasted trump in springfield, illinois, where abraham lincoln delivered his famous attack on slavery. "this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump. and that's not just a huge loss for our democracy. it is a threat to it." clinton's attack comes in the wake of police killings of black men in louisiana and minnesota, and the killing of white police officers in dallas by a black gunman. "his campaign is as divisive as any we've seen in our lifetimes. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. recreational pot smoking is legal in colorado but now it's
8:23 pm
having an unexpected side affect on pregnant women and their children. 7 people killed and two wounded since march, now police have a description of the man they describe as a serial killer
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>> pam:pizza and pokemon are kid favorites. and now teens at one high school are making their own neopolitan pizza pies from a real pizza oven - and luring people to their pop-up. by using pokemon.
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kron 4's vicki liviakis is hot on the trail. >> vicki:that brings us to the yerba buena pizza pop up on camps at john o'connell high - where passers by can get their pizza fix. six bucks for a piece of pizza with the works. even the pizza oven - built by students. it's part of a culinary entrepreneurship summer class.
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where students hope to be rolling in the dough. the student's pop up pizza isn't available - commercially - not yet anyway. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> pam:ahead at eight. the addictive pleasure of pokemon is leading to some unexpected problems for players and police homes for sale but no one lives inside and now bad guys are stealing what's left behind we're learning more about alton sterling's criminal record
8:28 pm
as his young son bravely calls for calm in the minnesota community where his father was shot.
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a plea for peace. from someone who has suffered the ultimate price in last week's violence. alton sterling's teenage son spoke out at a news conference today.and tried to calm a nation on edge. reporter boris sanchez has more on what he said. afterwards place a lien plan please it ha low-interest another person in connection the like plan is single done as please send the reason process.
8:32 pm
the president >> steve: will meet with the 15 year-old son can read in washington tomorrow sterling if the to participate at abc talal about the shootings ". >> pam: formation of a previous arrest of sterling it very similar to what ultimately led to his death trusteed is here with that. >> reporter: all a sterling has had stroll with with the past most recently 2007 convenience store police were reports that an officer at call about someone plan guy selling cds and the and the police charge sterling with possession of marijuana selling illegal cb and resisting an officer possession of stolen all legal. a lot and
8:33 pm
with drugs. officer s sterling e. higgins and said that sterling did answer and the two began to struggle sterling trying to get away the officer had the call for backup makes sterling pleaded guilty to be illegal carrying a weapon with controlled dangerous substance and july to of a lot and he is sentenced upon years in prison he served until making parole december 2013. >> steve: orally spite of the press shows same paul minnesota has been disproportionately rusty african-americans this is the simplest part were officer shot and killed castile as his pullover. another setting to tell the want they have stopped and searched minority drivers at greater rates than their white counterparts.
8:34 pm
>> pam: somber day in dallas family friends say their final goodbyes to officers there. >> steve: mamelukes and down as they were watching over a peaceful protest funeral for the area rapid transit officer of the partners thomas church in dallas 43 year-old was married two weeks ago when the local transit officer. michael >> pam: as a devotedhe is being remembered at mary immaculate catholic church. and the funeral for 48-year-old senior corporal lorne ahrens is also today. at prestonwood baptist in plano. fellow colleagues say he was a dedicated professional who always had a smile on his face. >> pam:the two other officers
8:35 pm
gunned down thursday by a sniper, will be laid to rest later this week. >> reporter: with surgical gut a bit and a nice hot summer day, believe me out there. you see the fog developing along the coastline and over the marin headlands of be on shriek also see right on the surface. thick fog along a coastline and said the bid overnight site and otherwise looking tonight clear early on and then patchy fog develops tomorrow hot in the valley: the coastline everyone will be cooling down as we head toward the weekend. two in san jose 88 in concord still and 76 and apple valley 81 of auto 83
8:36 pm
and said rosa as we look toward the evidence more temperatures warmer very nicely and san francisco comfortable 65 that will be 11 degrees warmer oakland 76 that may popeye the bat and then heading well inland temperatures he as a lot more plan on '90s in the san jose police the triple digits in some spots in land. but clouds form right now slowly working their way over night tonight and tomorrow morning but compressor down the surface it might not make its way into the valley that breaks up and you see the fog along the coastline keeping you cooler along the beach is the pay and interior valleys like nice and sunny about 99 in livermore. hundred and to act more and 85 in hayward 89 degrees in the bottle. the next few days we will keep temperatures the hot sun and wind that everyone will cool down comfortably with the sea breeze for the weekend. 3
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3 >> steve:in the east bay... homeowners and real estate agents are on alert....following a breakin at a home that was up for sale. a clayton home that was recently decorated to attract buyers... ended up having several things stolen. the homeowners had just staged it before putting the home on the market for an open house. owners say they decided not to spend the night at the home before its open house the next day. when they returned in the morning....someone had broken into it.
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>> pam: even fellow cuban flag for suicide for the doctor refused to admit him a day later he took his own life. and
8:41 pm
wisconsin as spokesperson for the vienna medical center would not specifically state but he wouldn't have been denied because a lothis family is requesting it the medical records to find out why he was turned away >> steve: their murders-- the latest in a series of shootings in the phoenix area, which police are tonight calling the work of a serial killer. maleah's grandfather says the "didn't care for what a little baby's in the car, they just wanted to shoot somebody." tonight phoenix police tell cnn:
8:42 pm
the suspect, believed to be a 20's. u-s supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is in a quarrel with republican presidential in recent interviews justice ginsburg says she doesn't want to think of a trump presidency. she has also says trump is a "faker" who "has a really big ego." trump has fired back saying the 83-year-old justice's mind is shot and she should resign. now legal experts are divided on whether justice ginsburg should remove herself from future cases involving trump.
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"pokemon go" has taken the u-s by storm. we keep hearing stories about people playing the reality app and making strange discoveries or wandering into weird places. here to explain the latest in the "pokemon go" craze is grant lodes. >> grant:since the release of
8:46 pm
the smartphone game last week. police around the country have been dealing with different incidents involving "pokemon go". take this incident out of auburn, alabama. four people were arrested after police say they attacked and robbed a man at gunpoint while he was playing pokemon go. before driving off in a getaway car. the four suspects were later found and charged with robbery and assault. and in western pennsylvania a 15-year-old girl was hit by a car while playing the popular game. she says the game took her across a busy highway during the evening rush hour. where she was hit. the teen is still in the hospital with an injured collarbone and foot, as well as cuts and bruises. and a little closer to home. two marines playing pokemon go in fullerton helped police catch an attempted murder suspect. they were playing the game in a park on tuesday when one of the marine's game froze.
8:47 pm
that's when he looked up from his phone and noticed a man, carrying a red plastic rose, repeatedly approaching women and their children. one family ran off, but that didn't stop the man from approaching another family. the two marines stayed with the man until officers arrived. the man was arrested for child annoyance and that's when they found out he had an outstanding warrant for attempted murder in sonoma.
8:48 pm
the recreational use of marijuana is legal in colorado. and that's led to issues involving pot and pregnant women. specifically, babies being born with pot in their system. rick sallinger reports. --reporter pkg-as follows-- cholera other asian campaigns danger during pregnancy feeding. >> gary: james was named the best male athlete begin out set of a hurry and despite the 73
8:49 pm
wins that hauliers one best team and not kurri was up three awards green suffer bleeding and years latest. edmundston debt in an altercation with rain on friday night according to edmonton's statement he was punched in the jaw and then confronting grain on sunday morning confronting green with another incident with the two on friday night he goes on to say during the early sunday morning
8:50 pm
incident. and green other carter declined i paid for guys like your scholarships. . been granted his untraditional release and the goat plate partial fault somewhere else. " the reason i'm smiling little bit is a $3 million donation hampshire has been an east lansing michigan. >> gary: have talent he was led through this. become very and and the checkout and dwell
8:51 pm
longer be a part of michigan's state program. the only option brady has is to take his case to the supreme court. and i shared it dealt on this one and
8:52 pm
mahler's feel-good still up in the league office. >> gary: only guys and fans " it to the ground and guess what they are not of a tent purchased franchise in the world. they went up 69% from last season. the dallas cowboys' no. 1 at 4 billion forty-niners fifth in the nfl and the world giants: the first the world. california record for you york as a hero when walks around he blurted out hidden
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offered $3 million to sweet. never join any sort of social media outlet to million dollars. park is putting up if you like to join us.
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von >> grant: we're edelman's guy hero it is hooked and at half.
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